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Billups Snyder & Associates is proud to represent the leading insurer of Fire and Emergency Service Providers, VFIS.

In 1969, VFIS pioneered specialized insurance coverages designed to meet the unique needs of America’s emergency service volunteers. Neglected and misunderstood by many insurance companies, the emergency service industry was in need of an innovative approach to insurance products and services. VFIS accepted the challenge and today insures more than 15,000 emergency service clients in 49 states and Canada.

Over 40 Years, VFIS has forged a partnership with fire and emergency medical service leaders which allows for the continuing development of policy and program enhancements. VFIS is committed to protecting the resources of emergency service organizations and promoting the health and interests of their members. Wherever and whenever the welfare of our clients is at stake, VFIS is there to lead or support their efforts with a level of dedication no imitator can duplicate.

Today, the VFIS program of insurance for emergency service organizations places property and casualty coverages with American Alternative Insurance Corporation and accident and sickness coverages with National Union Fire Insurance Company of Pittsburgh, PA. References in this brochure to the “VFIS program” of insurance, or its policies, coverage, companies, or protections refer to insurance coverages underwritten by those insurance companies.

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